DCM Shriram Foundation Khushali Shiksha - An Education Initiative

Khushali Shiksha - An Education Initiative

DCM Shriram Foundation Education Initiative

Khushali Shiksha - An Education Initiative

Through Khushali Shiksha, the Foundation is changing the lives of many children by opening doors of opportunity for them. To promote collaborative learning, inculcate critical thinking and problem solving, the Foundation has given digital devices such as tablets for children studying in class I-VI. The focus is not just on age-and-grade-appropriate learning in curricular subjects such as language, science and mathematics; it is also on leveraging skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, collaborative learning and the use of technology to promote learning with its partner Pratham Education Foundation in Hardoi & Lakhimpur Districts.


Khushali Sehat- Preventive Healthcare Program

DCM Shriram Foundation has a holistic approach to healthcare. The ‘Mother & Child program’ has an overall objective to reduce the MMR and IMR in the adopted villages of UP, Gujarat and Rajasthan.

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