DCM Shriram Foundation Jeetega Kisaan

Jeetega Kisaan

Agri Skilling & Livelihood Program

DCM Shriram Foundation Agri Skilling & Livelihood Program
Agri Skilling & Livelihood Program

DCM Shriram Foundation’s core program “Jeetega Kisaan” focuses on increasing farmer income through training on improved farming practices and providing better market linkages

This program strives to achieve the targets of SGD2 – Zero Hunger. It aims to help small & marginal farmers increase their productivity and income by providing them training on better packages of practices. High Value Crops including vegetables, fruits and other medicinal crops have been introduced to their crop cycles to help increase the annual income of the farmers with a focus on sustainable farming practices.

In 2017, the program was designed as a partnership model wherein multiple organizations were roped in to collaborate with the CSR and the business team of the company to bring in their respective core competencies. The major focus of the program is to work towards propagating good agricultural practices along with demand and supply side water management measures.

Improved agronomic practices, better quality, appropriate quantity of agri inputs, water management and better linkage to markets have together delivered holistic socio economic growth. The water availability improved along with rise in the water table, recharging of borewells, hand-pumps etc enabling farmers to cultivate 2/ 3 crops in a year as against single crop cultivation before intervention. The replication of the Agri Skilling program – Jeetega Kisaan was undertaken at Kota by expanding the coverage through increasing the number of villages to 18 more villages in 2019. Recently an FPO has been formed in Kota as part of Jeetega Kisaan Program to help farmers on both the input and output side.

A Sustainable Paddy/Wheat Program under Jeetega Kisaan program was launched in 2021 for 2000 farmers in 46 villages of Chopan & Robersganj block of Sonbhadra District of Uttar Pradesh with IFC & IRRI as the knowledge partners and ISAP as the implementation partners.


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Voices from the ground

Brijmohan Meena of Neenkhedi village, Kota district, is happy and satisfied with the new ways of farming. “This new method has improved my yield. I was earlier farming in a random way without taking into account the amount of chemical fertilizers. I have been given knowledge of NPK fertilizers. And after the training, I realised that I was using too much fertilizer. Following the SRI method while sowing and keeping the right distance between seeds, has also improved the production. In the old method, seeds were getting wasted. Like me, other farmers too were wasting the seeds, not showing properly and thus the results were not good. We only used to plant soyabean earlier, but now we are also farming pulses and grains. With this additional income, I can now invest on one more tractor,” he shares.

— Brijmohan Meena

“Where there is water, there is everything. Now, the animals have water. The women don’t have to walk for kilometers to fill their pots and household needs. Earlier, we had to go to small wells to fetch water for our livestock. It was a difficult exercise as we had to carry 10-15 water pots. It will also help us with farming and make the soil fertile,” says farmer Jagdish from Mohanpura village, Kota district.

— Jagdish