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DCM Shriram Foundation Khushali DCM Shriram Foundation Khushali


An Integrated Development Program

Integrated Development Model: Promoting Holistic Growth under “Khushali Program” Umbrella

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Jeetega Kisaan

Agri Skilling & Livelihood Program
DCM Shriram Foundation Jeetega Kisaan

DCM Shriram Foundation’s core program “Jeetega Kisaan” focuses on increasing farmer income through training on improved farming practices and providing better market linkages

This program strives to achieve the targets of SGD2 – Zero Hunger. It aims to help small & marginal farmers increase their productivity and income by providing them training on better packages of practices. High Value Crops including vegetables, fruits and other medicinal crops have been introduced to their crop cycles to help increase the annual income of the farmers with a focus on sustainable farming practices.

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DCM Shriram Foundation Water In Agriculture

Water In Agriculture

Conserve water. Sustainable agriculture practices.

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DCM Shriram Foundation Impact


Our efforts have been a catalyst for transformative and meaningful impact in the lives of numerous individuals, uplifting them towards a brighter future full of opportunities and possibilities.

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Khushali Sehat


The number of pregnant women, lactating mothers and adolescents impacted by our holistic approach to healthcare.

Khushali Swachhata


The number of villages sensitized on behaviour change, cleanliness of the surroundings along with good personal hygiene.

Khushali Shiksha


The number of children whose lives have been changed by opening doors of opportunity for them.

Khushali Rozgaar


The number of farmers across 46 villages trained on sustainable Paddy/Wheat practices.

Khushali Paryavaran

1.61+ Lac

The number of trees planted improving the green cover around its manufacturing locations.

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Voices from the ground

“Where there is water, there is everything. Now, the animals have water. The women don’t have to walk for kilometers to fill their pots and household needs. Earlier, we had to go to small wells to fetch water for our livestock. It was a difficult exercise as we had to carry 10-15 water pots. It will also help us with farming and make the soil fertile,” says farmer Jagdish from Mohanpura village, Kota district.

— Jagdish

Sapna is very grateful for these sessions and check-ups. At 28, she is pregnant for the third time. She can’t forget the first two difficult pregnancies. “I didn’t know about the right diet, the use of blood and BP tests, need for vitamins and calcium tablets,” she says.

— Sapna

Arti Devi from Loni village is upbeat that she can now stitch trendy clothes. “I get orders for blouses, suits, frocks for children. I have bought a second machine and am earning better. I can manage my household expenses in a better manner,” she says. Like her, Preeti Devi is also dreaming of a better life.

— Arti Devi

Anuradha from Heerapur village, Uttar Pradesh, is a first-time mother-to-be and used to have low hemoglobin in the first trimester of her pregnancy. “The first three months of my pregnancy were difficult as I wasn’t aware about a nutrition-based diet. Now, I eat a lot of vegetables, fruits and grains. After following didi’s instructions, my hemoglobin is somewhere around 9 and I don’t feel dizzy anymore,” she says.

— Anuradha